Reduce emissions and analyse fuel reports

Identify the most convenient vehicles and routes to make the most journeys with the fewest vehicles. Find out which are the most polluting units to act accordingly and identify the best practices for more sustainable driving. Control fuel in your company and analyse the km per litre performance.

Reduce the number of vehicles

Identify if you can do more with less. Optimise your operation to reduce the number of vehicles and thus the emissions of your operation.

Save on fuel 

Reduce your fleet's fuel consumption and emissions with fuel consumption monitoring.

Monitor emissions with reports

Track the evolution of your fleet's emissions. Take action and create a green action plan to improve month by month.

Analyse your operation with intelligent reporting
Personalized Reports

Analyse your operation with intelligent reporting

Generate customised reports and visualise the results of your operations. Your team can create reports and share them with other areas.

Find default reports for each industry and area, or easily adapt reports you already use from other tools.

Control your fuel consumption and save
Fuel Efficiency

Control your fuel consumption and save

Multiply the profitability of your operation. Avoid freight-related fraud, monitor fuel efficiency by vehicle, type, driver... and save hundreds of dollars by increasing efficiency.

Are you aware of the ideal time to replace a vehicle?
Vehicles / lifecycle

Are you aware of the ideal time to replace a vehicle?

Track each vehicle lifecycle by analyzing the CPM (or cost per kilometer). When the operating cost hits a bottom, the vehicle replacement windown opens - otherwise, you will incur higher maintenance and fuel costs across time. 

Analyse your operation to make it more sustainable

How does Pulpo help you to reduce CO₂ emissions from your vehicles?
  • Optimise your routes and reduce the number of vehicles in your operation.
  • Identify vehicles with low utilisation and reduce your surplus fleet.
  • Analyse and improve the efficiency of your fuel consumption.
  • Report your fleet's emissions.
  • Identify the most polluting vehicles.
  • Create an action plan that will allow you to have a more sustainable operation.

Do you want to optimise your routes?

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