Control the management of all your suppliers

Order and centralise all the information about your suppliers. Compare prices and choose the ones that suit you best.

Fuel, maintenance, fines... Pulpo integrates all the information with a 360º solution that brings together all the data from your suppliers in one place. Everything is gathered, ordered, and at your fingertips.

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Analyse prices and costs of your service providers 

Find out where each outlay comes from and compare different suppliers and their prices. Assign each cost to the supplier and find out where you spend the most money and how to be more efficient.

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Manage suppliers with automated activities and tasks

Associate suppliers with all aspects of your operation and assign tasks automatically. Build a record of your suppliers at Pulpo that includes key information about each supplier, such as activities or alerts.

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Monitor and analyse historical expenditure

Get instant access to all the contact and payment details of each supplier. Compare the evolution of expenditure thanks to the service history of each supplier. Simplify and control suppliers with a single click.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Compare prices, rates and services from providers.
  • Add and categorise suppliers in seconds.
  • Have all the documentation organised and in the cloud, with separate files for each supplier.
  • Add the necessary documents, comments and additional data.

Keep track of all your fleet information

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