Indentify and control the cost per driver

Track driver expenses assess the cost of each.

Get control of your fleet and drivers at all times. Set up action plans to monitor fuel, tolls, accommodation and meal expenses.

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Reliable data on drivers' expenditure

Drivers register their payments at Pulpo. Check in a couple of clicks all the information centralised in the cloud and take advantage of automations for recording expenses.

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Compares costs generated per driver and vehicle

Access all your cost information per driver and easily identify the total costs generated by each driver. Cross-reference data between drivers and vehicles to identify the highest and lowest spenders.

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Boost fleet performance with action plans

Facilitate your analysis with cost-per-driver reports that identify and compare performance data or costs per kilometre. Generate action plans to standardise or reduce per-drive expenses and maximise fleet performance.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Centralise and integrate all driver expenses on the platform. 
  • Attribute each expense to a driver and/or vehicle. 
  • Automatic charging of expenses in seconds with the driver app.
  • Integrate drivers' expense cards with Pulpo and avoid the use of paper, receipts or photos. 
  • Gain full visibility of costs and expenses per driver.
  • Compares profitability per vehicle and operator.
  • Generate cost reports for smart decision making.
  • Define an action plan to save and control driver costs.
  • Create spending policies and enforce them.
  • Predict the costs of the coming months and create your budgets wisely.

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