Driver App

Stay on top of what's going on with your drivers with Pulpo's app

Allow drivers to record events and expenses

Keep track of what's happening with your fleet with the driver app. React quickly thanks to real-time alerts and send alerts to colleagues when you need them. Be alerted about pending maintenance, expiring documents, or service incidents.

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Manage everything that happens while your drivers are operating

Send and receive alerts while drivers are on the road. Manage your operation with incident checklists, shift start/end, and more.

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Record odometers and driving data.

Keep historical records of your fleet's odometers and automate data analysis.

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Control the expenses generated during the operation

Drivers record information on fuel costs, fines, tolls, etc.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Fuel management
  • Expenditure management 
  • Direct access to your vehicle documents
  • History and odometer loading 
  • Maintenance requests
  • Shared vehicle management
  • Alerts and warnings for operators
  • Increased safety in your fleet by knowing vehicle status.
  • Claims register
  • Arrival or departure checklist
  • Record of inspections with evidence
  • Analysis of driving patterns
  • Registration of en-route visits

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Other modules related to the driver app.

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