Team Collaboration

Agile and collaborative teams in fleet management

Collaborate with your team, your drivers, suppliers, all from a single platform. Pulpo is a software in the cloud, with which you can work online securely and from any device. Achieve perfect fleet management by creating communication and work flows with your team and drivers.
Team Collaboration

Communications and vehicle management

Generate simple communication flows. With task management tools and alerts, activities happen on time.

Equipment, drivers, and customers in one place

Centralises all data in one place, giving each user access to what they need. All documents, ordered and digitised. Forget about paper.

Work remotely in asynchronous mode

Access all your information from anywhere and at any time. All you need is an internet connection.

Expedite Processes With Tasks and Alerts
Tasks & Alerts

Expedite Processes With Tasks and Alerts

Know all the details of your operation and assign tasks to the team or drivers when they need to perform an action. Stay on top of everything that's happening in your fleet. Assign each member of your team their respective tasks and track their work progress.

Digitize Your Documents In One Place
Document Management

Digitize Your Documents In One Place

Pulpo enables you to access any fleet related documentation within a few clicks to avoid losing valuable information stored in emails or locally in a computer.

Organize Vehicle Information
Vehicle Management

Organize Vehicle Information

Manage easy to access, organized, and concise information so you can focus where it matters.

How does Pulpo improve communication in fleet management?

Discover all that Pulpo can do for your team, without leaving the platform.
  • Send messages to other users or to the team.
  • Record expenses and notify the user who created them.
  • Manage vehicles, drivers, and routes by alerting them.
  • Communicate with your drivers and other team members. Notify them in case of anomalies in the operation.
  • Share invoices, expense sheets and documents so that there is no confusion.
  • Receive alerts when maintenance is due and notify the driver or the person responsible for taking the vehicle to the workshop.
  • Delegate responsibility to ensure tasks are broadcasted and executed.

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