Renting and Leasing

Control the leasing or renting of your vehicles

Do you prefer renting, leasing or own fleet? Centralise your contracts and easily decide the best option.

All contract documents digitised and accessible. Analyse and compare the performance of your leased fleet to choose the best option. Receive alerts for upcoming lease expirations.

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Decide between owning, renting or leasing with TCO analysis

Find out whether it is more profitable for your company to own or lease a fleet. Find out whether the leasing company's conditions are the most convenient for your company. If you use leasing or renting services from several companies, compare the data.

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Right-size your fleet to be more profitable

Find out if you are interested in downsizing your fleet and renting vehicles from third parties at busy times. Choose the most appropriate and cost-effective vehicle models for your operation.

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Renew units at the right time

Are you going to exceed your contracted mileage limit? Do you need to replace a unit? Is it time to buy a car or outsource more vehicles? Predictive reports tell you when is the best time to replace each vehicle.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Analyse the TCO of your units.
  • Understand whether an in-house or outsourced fleet is right for you.
  • Find out the most suitable leasing form, supplier company and vehicle model.
  • Successfully negotiate your leasing and renting contracts.
  • Anticipate unit changes or contract renewals.
  • Create alerts and tasks related to due dates.
  • Avoid exceeding the limits of your leasing contracts with alerts.
  • Save on costs related to vehicle leasing.

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