Smarter decision making leads to cost savings

Pulpo integrates all the information and gives you visibility of all your operational data. Control all the details of your vehicles. Make decisions that improve the efficiency of your cars and reduce your business costs. Make your team more efficient and effective.
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Improve your ROI

Optimise your vehicle operations and get much more done with the same vehicles.

Grow your business

Save time in management and administrative tasks. Create digital and modern processes that will make your team grow. 

Intelligent decision making

Review all the data and develop analytics that will allow you to anticipate the future and make smart decisions.

Cost savings in your fleet

Control all the details of your operation by centralising information and obtaining data in a transparent way. Monitor your vehicles, save on fines and fuel, identify the least efficient units and make the best decisions. Find out the km per litre fuel efficiency.

Reduce emissions and analyse fuel reports

Identify the most convenient vehicles and routes to make the most journeys with the fewest vehicles. Find out which are the most polluting units to act accordingly and identify the best practices for more sustainable driving. Control fuel in your company and analyse the km per litre performance.

Provides safety for drivers

Driver safety is key to your business and Pulpo helps you to achieve it. How? By centralising and ensuring the validity of vehicle documents, reminding you of the most important maintenance, analysing driving patterns, and suggesting improvements in road safety.

Red Aduanera - Logistics

Maintenance management and fleet control allow Logística Red Aduanera to save 20% in corrective maintenance and repair costs.
fleet management savings

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How much could your fleet save with Pulpo?

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Do you want to control all the details of your fleet and save costs? Discover Pulpo and make smart decisions.

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