Vehicle Utilization

Optimise your operation to reduce your fleet

Reduce your fleet by controlling the operation as much as possible. Save costs by eliminating vehicles.

Improve the operation by assigning drivers and vehicles, being more agile in the management of the operation and getting the most out of each unit. With Pulpo you make the same trips with fewer vehicles and save thousands of dollars in operating costs.

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Plan journeys with maximum efficiency

Reduce the number of vehicles in your fleet by controlling the routes they need to travel. Streamline your operation with fewer kilometres driven to reduce costs and emissions.

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Find out which units are the most efficient

Use the characteristics of your vehicles (model, year, fuel, etc.) to identify which are the least efficient. Eliminate those units and reduce the size of your fleet.

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Getting the most out of your vehicle fleet

Make the most of the useful life of each unit, taking care of the condition of the fleet with preventive maintenance. Avoid the need for new units.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Reduce the size of your fleet and the costs associated with each vehicle.
  • Assign available vehicles to your drivers.
  • Complete journeys swiftly and efficiently.
  • Evaluate your fleet to operate only the vehicles you need.
  • Reduce your emissions and improve the carbon footprint of your fleet.
  • Achieve your sustainability goals with the units that are essential and most efficient.

Save on operating costs by controlling your operation

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