License and Registration

Organize Vehicle Information

Complete and accessible information in the cloud, available 24/7.

Manage easy to access, organized, and concise information so you can focus where it matters.

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Save time and speed up your productivity

All your fleet and driver information in one place. Add or remove vehicles and drivers on the platform in one click. Access your documents and information from anywhere and at any time, just like your team. With Pulpo, forget about spreadsheets and documents in different formats.

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Avoid maturities and hidden costs with alerts and tasks

Receive alerts and notifications regarding document renewals: violations, upcoming maintenance, insurance renewals and more. Send communications to managers and automate related tasks.

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Know the status, availability and performance of your vehicles

Find out which and how many of your vehicles are active, inactive or in the workshop. Pulpo analyses your fleet information to keep you up to date on your fleet mileage and driver assignments. Manage your vehicles by type, make or group and receive reports and comparisons between the various groups.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Centralise and digitise all your fleet, driver and supplier information in one place.
  • Access information instantly from any device with internet access.
  • Leave behind the errors and confusion created by spreadsheets and paper.
  • Digitise all the information in one place so that it is accessible, reliable and there are no errors and confusion in the team.
  • Check the status and availability of each unit.
  • Keep detailed records on asset year, model, work orders completed, fines and any other vehicle related info.
  • Find out whether you have units in the workshop, or inactive because of expired maintenance or suspended licenses.
  • Analyse the availability of vehicles at all times.

Centralise all your fleet information

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