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Maximise your operations and control fleet costs

Control your fleet and save time and money by centralising all your operational data. Control vehicle fraud, fuel costs and fines. Optimise fuel efficiency and analyse the TCO of your operation.

Manage your routes and maximise the profitability of each vehicle.

Choose the best routes, vehicles and drivers to get more journeys done. Integrate GPS and odometer with Pulpo and monitor where the units are. Receive alerts when a service ends. Get the most out of each vehicle.

Organize Vehicle Information

Manage easy to access, organized, and concise information so you can focus where it matters.

Digitize Your Documents In One Place

Pulpo enables you to access any fleet related documentation within a few clicks to avoid losing valuable information stored in emails or locally in a computer.

Red Aduanera - Logistics

Maintenance management and fleet control allow Logística Red Aduanera to save 20% in corrective maintenance and repair costs.

Control from inventory to delivery

Gain visibility of everything that happens to your vehicles and strategically plan maintenance and expenses of all kinds. Receive alerts and set up driver checklists.

  • Vehicle and driver fraud control
  • Fuel cost optimisation
  • Preventive maintenance plan
  • Assignment of drivers and vehicles
  • Location of units
  • Alerts that generate delivery status alerts

Cut your fleet costs

Know all the costs associated with your vehicle fleet and foresee any possible irregularities with Machine Learning models. Increase vehicle productivity from the very first moment.

  • Analyse operational costs and TCO.
  • Analyse the profitability of your operation.
  • Efficient fine management.
  • Centralisation and control of expenditure.
  • Fuel savings by optimising routes.

Streamline your operational processes

Achieve a seamless operation thanks to Pulpo's notification flow. Access reports and visualise the most important indicators. And start acting instead of reacting. 

  • Centralises vehicle and driver documents.
  • Create alerts and tasks when something happens.
  • Communicate with drivers through the Pulpo app.
  • Automate tasks and save time.
  • Create communication flows with the team and drivers.

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