Driver Safety

Provides safety for drivers

Driver safety is key to your business and Pulpo helps you to achieve it. How? By centralising and ensuring the validity of vehicle documents, reminding you of the most important maintenance, analysing driving patterns and suggesting improvements in road safety.
Driver Safety

Documents always on hand and in order

Centralises and digitises vehicle documents for immediate access whenever they are needed.

Vehicles in perfect condition

Get alerts when a document is due to expire, insurance is due or the vehicle needs to be serviced. 

Driver warnings and safe vehicles

Alert you when an incident occurs or if your car needs maintenance. Receive notifications from drivers.

Spend 30% less on maintenance
Preventive Maintenance

Spend 30% less on maintenance

Stay ahead of schedule with a service plan that allows you to keep your fleet operational at all times. Save on repairs and extend the useful life of your vehicles.

Fasten Processes With Tasks and Alerts
Tasks & Alerts

Fasten Processes With Tasks and Alerts

Know all the details of your operation and assign tasks to the team or drivers when they need to perform an action. Stay on top of everything that's happening in your fleet. Assign each member of your team their respective tasks and track their work progress.

Stay on top of what's going on with your drivers with the Pulpo
Driver App

Stay on top of what's going on with your drivers with the Pulpo

Keep track of what's happening with your fleet with the driver app. React quickly thanks to real-time alerts and send alerts to colleagues when you need them. Be alerted about pending maintenance, expiring documents or service incidents.

How does Pulpo help you to improve the safety of your vehicles?

Implement a driving safety plan and avoid accidents.
  • Centralises vehicle and insurance documents.
  • Generate alerts if a document or insurance is about to expire.
  • Alerts if a vehicle needs to go to a workshop for maintenance.
  • Generate a driving score for each driver. Evaluates what bad practices have occurred.
  • It provides drivers with a direct means of communication in the event of an accident.
  • Control your routes and keep your vehicles in perfect condition.
  • Alert the driver via the Pulpo app of any incident.

Offer greater safety to your drivers with Pulpo

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Driver Safety
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