Expense Tracking

Centralize and Manage Every Expense

Record all your expense information and forecast your fleet budget.

Pulpo tracks your fleet expenses and warns you of every anomaly or unusual charge so you don't exceed your budget. For example, Pulpo will send alerts whenever extra mileage exceeds leasing contracts.

Digitize your payment processes by submitting trip expenses via our driver mobile app. This will prevent fraud or lost invoices in your fleet.

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Centralise costs for visibility

Fuel, maintenance, tolls...view all fleet expenses without errors. Access reports and ensure that the entire operation shares the same data for correct management.

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Manage your fleet with cost indicators

Detect irregularities or anomalies that generate additional costs. Know every detail of the operation and its costs and always make the best choice.

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Predict spending with Artificial Intelligence

Find out how you will close the year in terms of consumption, maintenance and other expenses. Increases in demand will no longer be a surprise thanks to predictive modelling.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Calculation of profitability per driver, vehicle and supplier.
  • Full visibility of how costs are distributed in the operation.
  • Intelligent decision making based on profitability reporting.
  • Anticipation of actions to take advantage of fleet opportunities.
  • Reduction of costs and augmentation of units' revenues.
  • Efficiency by having all the data in the same tool.
  • Artificial Intelligence to advance scenarios and performances.

Do you want to control your fleet costs?

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Other modules related to cost control

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