Streamline Costs

Cost savings in your fleet

Control all the details of your operation by centralising information and obtaining data in a transparent way. Monitor your vehicles, save on fines and fuel, identify the least efficient units and make the best decisions. Find out the km per litre fuel efficiency.
Streamline Costs

Analyse km per litre performance

Compare the profitability of each unit and TCO, by model, route, driver or fuel type. Understand if you have a surplus or shortage of cars and make maximum value decisions. 

Record expenditure

Tolls, insurance, fuel, fines, maintenance... Centralise all expenses on the platform, relating them to a vehicle, its driver and its route. Register means of payment, tickets and invoices, and gain full visibility of costs. 

Achieve fuel savings

Integrate your fuel card at Pulpo and record all charges and amounts. Check fuel expenses by vehicle, driver or region. Analyse the performance of each litre and identify fraud.

Reduce Fuel Consumption
Fuel Control

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Manage fuel spending by driver and vehicle. Access any individual or group charge and avoid fraud or misuse.

Manage your routes and maximise the profitability of each vehicle.

Manage your routes and maximise the profitability of each vehicle.

Choose the best routes, vehicles and drivers to get more journeys done. Integrate GPS and odometer with Pulpo and monitor where the units are. Receive alerts when a service ends. Get the most out of each vehicle.

Spend 30% less on maintenance
Preventive Maintenance

Spend 30% less on maintenance

Stay ahead of schedule with a service plan that allows you to keep your fleet operational at all times. Save on repairs and extend the useful life of your vehicles.

Efficiently automate fine management

Efficiently automate fine management

Pulpo streamlines and simplifies everything related to sanctions thanks to its integrations, saving you time and money every day.

* This functionality is available only for certain cities. Contact your advisor for more information

How does Pulpo help you save costs?

Some ideas to reduce your fleet costs:
  • Centralise and organise your payments in one place.
  • Gain visibility into all costs of your operation. 
  • Analyse the profitability of your fleet and of each vehicle.
  • Create alerts and warnings to let your team know if an expense has spiked.
  • Achieve fuel savings.

  • Analyse the km per litre performance.
  • Automate application, approval and payment processes. Make your workers more efficient. 
  • Register fuel loads and expenses and detect any type of fraud.
  • Create expenditure reports and compare their evolution in an agile and simple way.
  • Find insights about your operation: more efficient vehicles, more fuel-efficient vehicles, idle vehicles, etc.

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