Fleet Insights

Make data-driven fleet decisions

Create reports and analyse your operation. Create your own reports or use the default reports, useful to understand and evaluate all your fleet metrics and constantly improve them. Get more control and efficient fleet management to make your operation better every day.
Fleet Insights

Reports to analyse all data

Centralise all information and analyse data. Understand key trends and make your operation more efficient.

Anticipate the future

Understand the key trends in your operation and plan for future action.

Save on costs and time

Cut costs and save time. Plan for busy periods, whether one car model or another suits you, where to refuel, etc.

Analyse your operation with intelligent reporting
Personalized Reports

Analyse your operation with intelligent reporting

Generate customised reports and visualise the results of your operations. Your team can create reports and share them with other areas.

Find default reports for each industry and area, or easily adapt reports you already use from other tools.

Analyze Your Fleet TCO And Budget Appropriately

Analyze Your Fleet TCO And Budget Appropriately

Track all your fleet costs in one place and track your spending with precision.

With Pulpo, achieve cost savings in your fleet by understanding the profitability of each vehicle and driver. Pulpo provides you with driver and vehicle revenue and expense information so you can identify hidden costs in your fleet.

Anticipate the future of your fleet
Predictive Technology

Anticipate the future of your fleet

With Pulpo you can anticipate the performance of your fleet. Find insights on what will happen in the future with your operations: estimated income and expenses, fuel usage, vehicle needs, etc. All the information centralised in Pulpo allows you to know what will happen. Take advantage of predictive models to plan the future of your fleet.

Embrace data-driven decision making

Some examples of what you can do with Pulpo:
  • Analyse the condition and performance of your fleet.
  • Use predefined reports to monitor key KPIs.
  • Create customised reports to analyse any data.
  • Analyse the TCO of your vehicles.
  • Find out which drivers are the most efficient drivers.
  • Find out whether you spend more on corrective or preventive maintenance.
  • Analyse how much your operation cost over a period of time.
  • Find out which vehicles get the best fuel efficiency.

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