Insurance and documents up to date, fleet always available

Manage and centralize your fleet insurance information. Compare prices and benefits and choose the right provider for your fleet.

Centralise the management of insurance for all units. And never let your operations come to a standstill. Discover with Pulpo how to centralise all the information. Receive alerts when an insurance policy is about to expire or is due for renewal. Compare the characteristics of each provider and always choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Plan and optimise the use of your fleet.

Set up alerts to warn you when an expiry date is approaching and plan for renewals. Avoid having units that cannot operate and protect those that do from any risk.

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Data-driven expenditure forecasting and budgeting.

All detailed policy information. Forecasts expenses and budgets. Plan payment and maturity schedules. Receive alerts when insurance is due to expire.

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Instant, one-click information.

Access vehicle insurance information at any time. Documentation is protected in the cloud, but you can give limited access to drivers and other members of your company.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Centralise and digitise all your insurance information in one place.
  • Access information quickly. Also from the app.
  • Plan policy renewals through alerts.
  • Increase the productivity of your fleet by having all vehicles insured.
  • It outperforms any vehicle inspection, as operators will be able to access the information when needed. 
  • It records all information, categorised by types of insurance, providers and others.

Do you want to centralise your fleet information?

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Other modules related to the administrative control of your fleet

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