Predictive Technology

Anticipate the future of your fleet

Receive information and suggestions thanks to the data. Anticipate accidents, save money, discover important tips to improve your operation.

With Pulpo you can anticipate the performance of your fleet. Find insights on what will happen in the future with your operations: estimated income and expenses, fuel usage, vehicle needs, etc. All the information centralised in Pulpo allows you to know what will happen. Take advantage of predictive models to plan the future of your fleet.

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More fleet profitability with reminder functionality

Generate reminders and assign operational or administrative tasks to users, suppliers or vehicles, reducing your management time and costs. This also improves communication across your entire operation.

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Make smart decisions with vehicle analytics

Receive intelligent alerts about incidents, maturities and inconsistencies in your operations thanks to Pulpo. Start using predictive alerts in your daily operations!

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Efficient vehicle management

Get key information on which brands or types of vehicles give you the greatest efficiency in your operation. Take advantage of reports and maintenance automation.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Use customised alerts with intelligent warnings. 
  • Receive notices about scheduled services.
  • Set up predictive alerts for your trading indicators. 
  • Create customisable notifications. 
  • Automate maintenance warnings.
  • Get efficiency reports.

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