Convert data to
valuable information

Take a more strategic path for your fleet with advanced reporting, taking full advantage of analytics and artificial intelligence tools with Pulpo Insights.


Discover the value of advanced reporting with data analytics for fleets

Anticipate the future of your fleet

Anticipate events by identifying key trends in your operation and plan future actions with advanced analytics.


Identifies opportunities

Detect trends and patterns in the performance of your operation by obtaining accurate insights about your fleet with advanced reporting, and create improvement plans.


Find out the cost of your operation

Achieve cost savings in your fleet by understanding the profitability of each vehicle and driver, with TCO analysis.


The data-driven journey begins

Manage your fleet intelligently by improving habits with artificial intelligence.

Maintenance software

Know every detail instantly

Visualize all your fleet's up-to-date data in real time, such as mileage performance, and identify patterns for decision making.

Easily create customized reports

Customize reports for your entire operation: finance, fleet, fuel and maintenance, and customize them according to your operation's needs.

Identical to your best drivers

Know the behavior of your drivers and identify the most efficient ones, detecting driving patterns to achieve your objectives.

Choose the best supplier

Get a detailed overview of all your suppliers, compare prices, qualities and choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Control all your fleet expenses

Collect and analyze detailed reports on the expenses generated in your operation, monitor them in real time and set savings goals.

Identify your most efficient vehicles

Evaluate the performance of your vehicles, identify the most efficient ones, ensuring a better operation of your fleet.

Get valuable analysis quickly

Create predefined reports for each industry and area, or easily adapt reports you already use from other tools.

Easily customize reports

Prioritize the most important reports of your operation, from fuel consumption expenses to profitability.

Knows the driver's behavior

Find out who your most efficient drivers are , detecting driving patterns to reach your objectives.

Analyzes performance

Analyze the performance results of your entire operation on a monthly basis, and set targets for improvement.

Activate predictive alerts

Monitor your fleet metrics by receiving timely alerts and notifications, and alert your team if an expense increases.

Data analysis: A commitment to sustainability

Implement sustainable practices with the help of advanced reports


Better plan your trips by choosing the most efficient routes

Optimizes travel time by analyzing each route to choose the best option, reducing transportation costs and fuel consumption.

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Optimizes fuel use by monitoring fuel consumption

Save on fuel consumption by identifying patterns, and choose the most efficient option for your fleet, thus reducing your operation's CO2 emissions.

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Prolong the life of your vehicles by preventing possible breakdowns

Anticipate vehicle failures with preventive maintenance and save on costly repairs, extending the life of your fleet and reducing waste.

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Take advantage of all the tools

Integrate all your data sources from other platforms for your fleet operation.
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Automates and manages all operational processes such as maintenance, purchase orders and invoicing.

GPS and Telematics

We offer you detailed reports of the expenses incurred,
, stock availability, time of your vehicle in the workshop and more.

Fuel and expenses

Upload your expenses and automatically generate performance and cost per km reports.


Change the direction of your fleet with data analytics

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Integrates everything you need to streamline your fleet

Expense Tracking

Consume just the right amount while controlling operating costs through software


Maintenance control

Anticipate with an overhaul plan that allows you to have your fleet always operational.


Fleet management and operation

Digitize and control all your fleet operations from one place

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