Manage your fleet
with ease

Control your entire operation in the cloud 24/7, from a single platform, increasing the productivity and efficiency of your fleet with Pulpo Fleets.


Simplify your operation with vehicle fleet control software

Reduces administration time

Perform tasks more quickly and continuously, and free up time for your team to focus on more strategic and higher-value activities for the business.

Predictive maintenance

Reduces operating expenses

Efficiently manage your fleet's resources, easily identifying unnecessary or excess expenses in your operation.

Predictive maintenance

Keep your team connected with the driver's App

Visualize the operation of your drivers by providing automated tracking 24/7

maintenance support

Keep in touch with your drivers

Send and receive alerts while drivers are on the road. Manage your operation with incident reports and create improvement plans.
odometer register

Records odometers, and driving data

Save the historical record of your fleet's odometers and automate data analysis, compare the performance of different drivers and identify driving patterns.
management software

Control your team's expenses according to your needs

Controls the expenses of each unit and driver with recorded information on fuel expenses, fines, tolls, etc.

Push the productivity of your fleet to the limit

Operate easily by organizing all your vehicle and driver information in one place.


Automate your processes in minutes and simplify your operation

Easily collaborate with your team, receive alerts for accurate task tracking, schedule checks of each of your vehicles easily and quickly, optimizing workflow.

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Visualize every detail at all times and stay in control of your fleet

Access real-time, up-to-date data about your operation in just one click, such as mileage performance, and identify patterns and trends to make the right decisions.

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Ensure the completion of every task and everything you need to do

Make sure you don't miss a thing by creating operational checklists that ensure that every activity is completed efficiently in your fleet, from scheduling reviews to assigning tasks to your team.

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Update all the important things in your fleet management and keep your fleet up to date.

Set customized reminders and alerts about maintenance, renewals, expirations, specific tasks and more, according to your operation's needs, so your fleet is always up to date.

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Take advantage of all the tools

Integrate all your data sources from other platforms for your fleet operation.
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Automates and manages all operational processes such as maintenance, purchase orders and invoicing.

GPS and Telematics

We offer you detailed reports of the expenses incurred,
, stock availability, time of your vehicle in the workshop and more.

Fuel and expenses

Upload your expenses and automatically generate performance and cost per km reports.


Optimize your operation by automating processes and saving time on every task.

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Accelerate your fleet with our solutions

Optimize your fleet with data

Make valuable decisions about your fleet with advanced reporting and analytics


Control of operating expenses

Consume just the right amount while controlling operating costs through software


Maintenance control

Anticipate with an overhaul plan that allows you to have your fleet always operational.