Sustainable transformation in the transportation industry

More and more companies are deciding to leverage the capabilities of technology to operate in an environmentally conscious manner. In this Panel we talk about the future of sustainability in the mobility industry together with DLA and Pulpo.
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Digitalization and productivity for mobility companies

Learn about the barriers and opportunities for innovative solutions.
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Advantages of making data-driven decisions with Insights

The Pulpo team answers all your questions about this new tool.
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Advantages of managing fuel consumption

Optimising with the help of cards and payment methods
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Tips to reduce costs in the last mile

Expert tips on how to reduce transport and fuel costs
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Utilities: What to consider for transformation?

Find out how digitisation can reduce costs.
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Our CEO answers: Everything you want to know about Pulpo

We answer all your questions about Pulpo and fleet management.
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Logistics trends and digitalisation 2022

Technology is optimising the operation of other companies.
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How digitisation saves management costs

Making better use of operational resources
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Sustainability and electric vehicles

Keys to understanding the new path to efficiency and savings.
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New leasing and changes in fleet management

Discover the how and why of a not-so-silent revolution.
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Technology for more sustainable mobility

More sustainable mobility: Cabify's vision and impact.
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Boosting the safety of your fleet: keys to success

COVID-19 and the logistics sector: keys to an unprecedented situation.
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