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Pulpo partners act as an extension of our team, helping to meet the needs of our customers resulting in mutual growth.
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We provide solutions with two types of partners


They are people or companies with deep knowledge about the world of fleet management, logistics, transportation and/or business solutions. This partner can implement the platform and offer support to their customers using Pulpo.

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They are individuals or companies that refer opportunities to Pulpo. Although fleet management is not the "core" of their business, they know their customers' needs and want to offer logistics, transportation, and fleet solutions.

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Why recommend Pulpo?

We have attractive commission plans and discounts.
Personalized support by our team and training.
Participation in exclusiveevents and activities.

Become a partner and start generating revenues


Digital solutions for Operational and Talent Management.

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Vehicle fleet maintenance, repair and management

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We maintain the value of your vehicles. Stay focused.

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We generate value through technology, digitalization and artificial intelligence.

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Broker specialized in placement, innovation, administration and advisory of insurance and surety bonds.

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Let's grow together
We will equip you with all the tools to be successful, such as marketing activities, sales materials and product training.

We are confident that great results are enhanced with strategic alliances helping to scale fleet operations and responding to the current challenges of the industry.

Some questions other partners asked

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How does Pulpo help me grow my business?
What is the responsibility of a Solution Partner?
When will I receive my commission?
What commissions do Solution Partners receive?
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