Simplify the management of your vehicles with the help of the Digital Kit

European Union Next Generation Funds
If you are in Spain, you can apply for up to €12,000 in 100% subsidies for the technological transformation of your business.
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Step 1

Register and complete the Digital Diagnostic Test

Step 2

Check out the digitisation solutions of the programme

Step 3

Go to the procedures to receive your Digital Kit voucher
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What is the digital kit?

It is an initiative of the Spanish Government, which aims to subsidise the implementation of digital solutions available on the market in order to achieve a significant advance in the level of digital maturity.

It is aimed at small companies, micro-enterprises and self-employed workers, belonging to any sector or type of business.

How to apply?

Check the conditions set out in the terms and conditions of the call for proposals in this Quick Guide. If you meet all the requirements, you will be eligible for a digital voucher to start the digitisation of your company.

Centralised and reliable information

Take advantage of the most advanced technology to have all the data grouped together. Confirmations, changes, incidents... Everything is recorded on the platform. You have reliable, centralised, accessible information. 

Your data from paper to screen

Pulpo digitises your data so that nothing is lost and it is always available to whoever needs it. Forget the difficulties of unifying information from various sources. Pulpo does it for you, so that you can focus your efforts on making sure that your operations never stop.

Find out about Pulpo 's solutions for your business

From 200€ per month
Categories: Business intelligence and analytics. Process management.

Digitise your business with Pulpo

Forget the difficulties of unifying information from various sources. No paper, no Excel sheets. Concentrate your efforts on what really matters: decision making.
Some of our functionalities:
Expense Tracking
Fuel Efficiency
Monitor fleet usage
Driver management
Route optimisation
Operational Checklist
Maintenance management
Customised reports
Alerts and reminders
Red Aduanera - Logistics
30% less time spent consulting information such as the costs associated with each vehicle.
This is what this leading company in the vulcanisation and industrial services sector in Mexico achieves since it has been using Pulpo.
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It's time to join the digital transformation

Join hundreds of companies that already manage their vehicles with Pulpo.
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