Vehicle management in the workshop

See which vehicles are available at any time

Plan your operation efficiently with vehicle management in the garage

With Pulpo, always be aware of your fleet’s availability using automatically updated vehicle status. 

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Keep track of vehicles that are not available.

And avoid complicating your operation by having low fleet availability.

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Analyse the time spent on repairs or maintenance

Use this information to estimate and plan your operation.

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Control the flow of vehicles going to the workshop.

Set up a maintenance approval flow to always have visible supplier and tracking information.

What will you be able to do with this module?

  • Evaluate your fleet to operate only with available vehicles.
  • Historical record of incidents by vehicle. 
  • Analysis of time spent in the workshop.

  • Easily calculate which vehicles require constant visits to the garage.
  • Vehicle flow control in the workshop.

Control your entire operation with Pulpo

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