Event Tracking

Changes and unforeseen events always under control

Have visibility on everything that is happening to your fleet.

Ensure the integrity of your fleet with permanent visibility of everything that happens in it. With event control you will have traceability of all modifications, such as their status, number plates or driver.

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Constant information on every detail

Year, model, number plates, insurance, fuel type... manage all vehicle data with Pulpo. So that you and your team are up to date with every detail.

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Receive alerts and schedule tasks and alerts

Stay informed about every change and the reason for it thanks to alerts. From a plate replacement to a workshop visit, schedule tasks and alerts so that the teams in charge are always in the loop.

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Guarantee of the best condition of the fleet

Always have a fleet available and in perfect condition thanks to event control, which gives you full control of preventive maintenance. Add to that control insurance, contracts and other documents.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Controls and centralises all fleet information.
  • Record any changes or events that happen to the vehicle.
  • Receive alerts and notifications about events.
  • Schedule and assign tasks for the team or drivers.
  • Anticipate procedures, maintenance, payments and renewal of documents.
  • Alert your team or drivers through alerts.
  • Streamline your team's work by assigning tasks automatically. 
  • Pulpo works in a coordinated and efficient way with all teams.

Centralise all your operation's information with Pulpo

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