Vehicles / lifecycle

Are you aware of the ideal time to replace a vehicle?

Find out when the optimal date to renew a unit is approaching.

Track each vehicle lifecycle by analyzing the CPM (or cost per kilometer). When the operating cost hits a bottom, the vehicle replacement windown opens - otherwise, you will incur higher maintenance and fuel costs across time. 

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Keep control of the lifecycle of your vehicles

Complete visibility of cost per kilometre and performance over the life cycle of each unit. Understand where each of your vehicles is in its life cycle.

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Identify the time to make changes

Recognises the optimal tipping point based on cost per kilometre and vehicle performance metrics. Receive alerts when the ideal time for a replacement is near.

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Avoid unnecessary cost overruns

As a vehicle ages, maintenance costs increase and performance decreases. Avoid the cost overruns associated with this drop in vehicle performance. 

Key Feature Benefits

  • Analyse the costs per km driven of each vehicle over its lifetime.
  • It understands where each unit is in its lifecycle.
  • Anticipate the tipping point and renew your fleet.

  • Save maintenance costs on older units.
  • Avoid accidents involving old or dilapidated units.
  • Renew your fleet when necessary and choose efficient car models.

Find the optimal replacement point for your vehicle

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