Corrective maintenance and claims

Save on repair costs

Reduce the amount of corrective maintenance you do per year.

Manage all activity related to the corrective maintenance of your fleet. Analyse how much you spend, and identify the most frequent causes and claims to reduce costs. Avoid downtime of your fleet vehicles and optimise their useful life.

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Record all corrective maintenance and their causes.

Keep track of the vehicles that require repairs or are most frequently damaged.

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Manage maintenance requests with evidence

Simplify the management of approvals and requests with the driver app.

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Reduce corrective maintenance costs

Reduce accident rates and eliminate vehicles with a high amount of corrective maintenance. Achieve the ideal percentage of 80% preventive maintenance and 20% corrective maintenance.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Corrective maintenance management.
  • Control of maintenance flow from start to finish.
  • Cost control per km of maintenance.
  • Control of maintenance requests.
  • Recording of claims with evidence.
  • Analysis of total costs and costs per service task.
  • Root cause analysis of claims or failures.

Start saving on corrective maintenance with Pulpo

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