KM Control

Record the odometer of all your vehicles

Generate historical data automatically.

Forget about having multiple files. Store the log in the cloud and determine the kilometres driven per time period, per driver and per vehicle, and monitor the performance of your fleet.

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Log kilometres travelled per day

Manage whether they correspond to the routes assigned to each driver.

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Load odometer data with evidence

Attach photo/image as proof of registration in the driver app.

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Analyse the cost per kilometre

Automatically calculate the cost per kilometre as well as the performance of each vehicle and/or driver in your fleet and save on fuel costs.

Key functions of this module:

  • Odometer recording at any time from the driver app.
  • Evidence attached when registering the cargo.
  • Analysis of kilometres travelled per time period.
  • Automatic cost-per-kilometre analysis.

  • Automatic yield calculation.
  • Mileage limits per lease.
  • Odometer sequence verification.

Start saving time and costs for operational and fuel management!

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