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Virbac - Pharmaceuticals

Virbac gains full visibility of its fleet expenditure and reduces its costs thanks to, among other functions, the control of fines and maintenance.
Virbac - Pharmaceuticals




Use case

Commercial Fleet

Corporate Fleet

Type of vehicles

Vans and utility vehicles in the management team

Pick ups for commercial visits

Manages and centralises

By using Pulpo to manage your fleet, you know the costs associated with vehicles and drivers at all times. The centralisation of data on a single platform also makes the administrative and documentary management of the units more efficient.

Simple and orderly document management

All vehicle and driver information is centralised and organised. It remains available 24/7 and is accessible to the entire Virbac team.

Control and allocation of the cost of fines

Each fine is assigned to the corresponding vehicle and driver. Thanks to alerts and warnings, payments are made on time and outstanding fines are eliminated.

Savings with preventive maintenance planning

Maintenance costs are incorporated into the platform and centralised. Scheduling preventive maintenance saves costs and time in the workshop.

The company

Virbac is an international pharmaceutical company dedicated exclusively to animal health. It has a wide range of products dedicated to animal health and welfare. Its main areas of activity are vaccines and medicines for swine and cattle, pet care, and animal nutrition.

It has around 500 employees in Mexico. Its production and administrative centre is located in Guadalajara. They have a large commercial team of animal health professionals that serves the Virbac operation throughout the country.

The challenge

Prior to Pulpo, Virbac’s vehicles and documents were unorganized.They wanted to organise and control their inventory and be able to centralise vehicle information in one place.

Virbac found it difficult to control maintenance costs and to anticipate vehicle servicing. Another problem was the allocation of fines to the relevant drivers and the timely payment of fines.

With an operation of hundreds of visits a month across the country it was key to control the condition of the vehicles and the costs associated with each car, driver, and journey. At a time of huge growth and route expansion for Virbac, having full control of its fleet was crucial.

driver driving

The solution

Virbac started using Pulpo to register and manage all vehicles and their documents, as well as all driver information.

Moreover, a fine allocation flow was set up for offending vehicles and drivers. Alerts were sent to be able to pay the fines on time. As a result, it was possible to assign each operator his fines and avoid non-payment.

Virbac has also taken control of service and maintenance costs. This is achieved with the preventive maintenance module, which anticipates vehicle breakdowns and saves time and money. With the use of Pulpo  the customer easily associates payments, tickets, invoices and other expenses to vehicles and drivers.

Finally, Virbac has established a 100% controlled and supervised expense control policy for company vehicles.

Favourite modules

Vehicle module

With hundreds of vehicles registered on Pulpo, Virbac manages to centralise all information about the fleet and its drivers. The documents are in the cloud, so anyone in the team can access the information they need at any time.

Fines Module

Virbac assigns each driver who commits an infringement the corresponding fine. Penalty management is automated with notifications and warnings, eliminating outstanding fines. It is possible to benefit from early payment discounts.

Maintenance Module

Virbac uses this module to monitor and schedule preventive maintenance of its units. Thanks to the service schedule, they send notifications to drivers to remind them to go to the workshop or service. In this way, they save on corrective maintenance and avoid accidents and long times in the workshop.

Expenditure Control Module

Virbac checks in the reports all the expenses related its fleet: administrative expenses, insurance, fuel, maintenance, fines, etc. It filters the information by vehicle, model, driver, and region or fuel type, among other criteria. Pulpo also understands and evaluates their TCO, so they can make high-value decisions in the management of their fleet.

"What we like most about Pulpo is that it allows us to consolidate all suppliers on the same platform. Managing information from one place, with detailed information by date, car, driver, etc. makes it easier for us to control and organise the vehicle operation," says Fernanda. "We can also control and allocate the cost of fines and monitor the needs of
vehicle maintenance, which is a great saving for the company.

Fernanda Avila. - Fleet Manager at Virbac

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