Prevents parts shortages and vehicle downtime

Control everything that happens around spare parts in your workshop with centralised information on a single platform.

Always knows where every part is and establishes records of entries and exits from the maintenance centre. Eliminates the high cost of inoperative vehicles.

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All the information on spare parts and their costs in one place

Record the total costs generated in parts, differentiating between labour and maintenance. Manage vehicle parts. Integrate the information with spare parts purchase orders.

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Improving the maintenance process of the units

Generate an efficient preventive maintenance plan. Define a seamless workflow in which all necessary inputs are never missing.

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Identifying the best suppliers of spare parts

Find out which parts supplier offers the best prices, compare their services and choose the best ones for your operation. Create alerts, for example in the event of an undue charge.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Reduce unnecessary inventory costs.
  • Access the parts history at any time.
  • Know the status and location of each part.
  • Compare prices and quality of spare parts suppliers and brands.
  • Manage multiple storage locations.
  • Keep your spare parts inventory organised.
  • Record order and cost history. 
  • Keep vehicles active by updating spare parts stock and triggering alerts.
  • Make sure you always have enough stock of the parts you need.
  • Avoid overstocking and buying unnecessary parts.
  • Create a preventive maintenance plan and get your team working ahead of time.

Do you want to centralise your operation and control your inventory?

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