Passenger Transport

Control the operation of your passenger vehicles

With Pulpo you can manage your passenger vehicles from a simple and practical platform. Analyse route profitability, monitor vehicle status and availability, and easily assign drivers. With GPS and telemetry integrations, you can track your units in real time to provide safety for passengers and drivers.

Driver And Vehicle Assignments Within One Click

Simplify your driver and vehicle allocation by tracking any task, availability, assignment, report, and alert on the same platform.

Control your fuel consumption and save

Multiply the profitability of your operation. Avoid freight-related fraud, monitor fuel efficiency by vehicle, type, driver... and save hundreds of dollars by increasing efficiency.

Spend 30% less on maintenance

Stay ahead of schedule with a service plan that allows you to keep your fleet operational at all times. Save on repairs and extend the useful life of your vehicles.

Red Aduanera - Logistics

Maintenance management and fleet control allow Logística Red Aduanera to save 20% in corrective maintenance and repair costs.

Control the costs of your operation

  • Monitor fuel consumption and analyse fuel efficiency.
  • Create a preventive maintenance plan and save on repair costs.
  • Analyse the profitability of each route, driver and vehicle.
  • Get reports on the efficiency and profitability of your fleet.

Safety for passengers and drivers

  • Always keep vehicles in good condition and avoid accidents.
  • Analyse each driver's driving style and suggest improvements.
  • Track routes and schedules by integrating a GPS or telemetry tool.

Centralises documents and processes

  • Save time and money with all vehicle and driver documents in one place.
  • Allows the team or drivers to access the ordered documents at any time.
  • Receive alerts and generate tasks when insurance is due to expire or a vehicle needs maintenance.

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Transport companies can now control their operation

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