Fuel Efficiency

Control your fuel consumption and save

Find out which type of vehicle, fuel or filling station is most efficient for your operation.

Multiply the profitability of your operation. Avoid freight-related fraud, monitor fuel efficiency by vehicle, type, driver... and save hundreds of dollars by increasing efficiency.

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Visibility on fuel consumption

Know how much each vehicle consumes on each journey. Integrate your fuel card and register all the loads. Analyse profitability by journey, fuel type or vehicle.

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Economize fuel providers 

Find out which fuel type is most cost-effective and which supplier offers the best product. Optimise routes and cover more journeys with the most efficient fuel.

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Cost and profitability developments

Control all payments and the actual amount refuelled, without physical tickets or possible losses. Avoid fraud and theft by controlling all fuel expenses.

Find out how you can make your fuel use more efficient

  • Receive real-time reports on fuel and fuel consumption.
  • Identify your most efficient fuel provider and refueling stations for your fleet operation.
  • Analyzes consumption by unit, trip, driver, area, or region.
  • Integrate your fuel card with Pulpo and track any charge in real time. 
  • Find out which vehicles are more and less efficient
  • Renew your fleet around the most cost-efficient vehicle available.
  • Immediately detect any fraud or theft. 
  • Receive alerts whenever consumption or dollars spent exceed the fleet average. 
  • Centralize fuel payments with fuel card integrations.
  • Reduce your environmental impact by reducing fuel consumption. 

Learn how to save on fuel with Pulpo

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