Analyze Your Fleet TCO And Budget Appropriately

Discover the profitability of your fleet by analysing the TCO of each unit.

Track all your fleet costs in one place and track your spending with precision.

With Pulpo, achieve cost savings in your fleet by understanding the profitability of each vehicle and driver. Pulpo provides you with driver and vehicle revenue and expense information so you can identify hidden costs in your fleet.

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Control all the expenses of your assets

Track depreciation, insurance, fuel or maintenance expenses. Get full visibility and monitor expenses on financing or taxes.

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Evaluate costs and access TCO reports

Assess all costs, from depreciation to fuel consumption. View vehicle cost per km information and get customised reports.

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Optimise your fleet and tailor it to your demand

Maximise the availability of your fleet and adjust it 100% to what you need. Decide when to buy, sell or use leasing or renting formulas on your units.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Control of all your fleet expenses.
  • Real-time reporting on TCO analysis
  • Minimise costs and maximise the profitability of your fleet.
  • Compare all the information in one place. 
  • Cross-reference data and create customised reports.
  • Buy or sell units as needed.

Can we help you calculate the TCO?

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Other modules related to TCO analysis

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