Tasks & Alerts

Expedite Processes With Tasks and Alerts

Achieve the perfect operation thanks to the flow of notifications provided by Pulpo.

Know all the details of your operation and assign tasks to the team or drivers when they need to perform an action. Stay on top of everything that's happening in your fleet. Assign each member of your team their respective tasks and track their work progress.

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Instant alerts for timely action

A vehicle that needs to visit the workshop, a shipment that has not been delivered... receive the warning you need to act at the right time so that your operations never suffer. Set up automatic alerts to warn you of any circumstance.

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A more efficient team with task automation

Create tasks for your team or drivers and automate them. If a vehicle becomes available, alert the team that it can now assign it to another driver. Set up rules for automatic assignment.

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Migrate all information to Pulpo in moments

Import all types of data massively and effortlessly. Vehicle inventory, driver log's, expense history... all with the peace of mind that the information will always be accessible.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Receive alerts and notifications about circumstances you should be aware of.
  • Schedule and assign tasks for the team or drivers.
  • Anticipate formalities, maintenance, payment, and renewal of documents.
  • Keep your team and drivers up to date with alerts.
  • Streamline your team's work by assigning tasks automatically.  

  • Reduce the time between tasks by preemptively notifying everyone involved.
  • Move large volumes of data quickly to Pulpo.
  • Let your team be aware of their next steps. 
  • Pulpo works in a coordinated and efficient way with all teams.

Streamline and control your operation with Pulpo

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