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A reliable and user friendly tool for your team

Pulpo is a cloud-based software available 24/7 from any device. The information is centralised, organised, and secure. We have dozens of integrations so that all fleet data, suppliers, documents or fuel are in one place.
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Integrate all your fleet data

Incorporate all your data and bring it together in one place with integrations. Perform bulk data uploads in just a couple of clicks.

Data access for your entire team

An internet connection is enough. Motivate your team so that everyone can access the data and find the answers themselves.

Data security 

Reduce risk and protect sensitive information with cloud-hosted, scalable, and fully secure software.

Agile and collaborative teams in fleet management

Collaborate with your team, your drivers, suppliers, all from a single platform. Pulpo is a software in the cloud, with which you can work online securely and from any device. Achieve perfect fleet management by creating communication and work flows with your team and drivers.

Make data-driven fleet decisions

Create reports and analyse your operation. Create your own reports or use the default reports, useful to understand and evaluate all your fleet metrics and constantly improve them. Get more control and efficient fleet management to make your operation better every day.

Put an end to fraud by controlling your fleet

Save money and time by detecting bad practices in your operations. Fuel control, maintenance, vehicle misuse... with Pulpo, avoid actions that waste resources and reduce your profitability. Analyse fuel efficiency and driving patterns to uncover bad practices.

Vysisa Group - Mining

Grupo Vysisa, a leading company in the vulcanisation and industrial services sector, saves operating costs and controls all the information on its routes and vehicles.
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