Manage Fleet Tire Wear

Increase driver safety and vehicle health.

Pulpo allows you to monitor and record tire wear. Leverage this historical record to replace or rotate tires at the right time. Also, correlate tire use with fuel and maintenance costs and assess the right model for your vehicles.

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Manage individual tire lifecycle

 Should you recondition or buy new tires? Track wear and monitor rotation data on all vehicles to maximize tire performance.

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Reduce road accidents 

Buy the safest and most reliable tires for your fleet and reduce the amount of tire related road accidents.

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Reduce environmental footprint 

Maximize your tire life and reduce your burn rate, thus minimizing the CO2 emissions from used rubber.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Analyze and optimize each tire lifecycle.
  • Anticipate issues and accidents directly related to tire wear.
  • Manage your CO2 emissions from rubber wear.

  • Manage tire changes, rotations, and retreads for each vehicle.
  • Use our machine learning to schedule tire maintenance and changes.
  • Receive the latest tire brand and model catalogues.

Find out how to manage your tires with Pulpo.

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