Fleet Rightsizing

Identify Underutilized Assets

Maximize the utilization of each vehicle and dispose of those with little or no use. As a result, reduce your fuel consumption, insurance costs, and maintenance work orders.
Fleet Rightsizing

Same routes, less vehicles

The algorithm recommends optimal routes for each vehicle. With efficient routing you cover the same distance with less km of travel. Our routing algorithm suggests your daily routes to maximize deliveries - the goal is to cover the same routes with less vehicles. 

Less vehicles, more savings

Reduce driver spending, maintenance, fuel, toll, and insurance costs. Also, you will reduce your environmental impact without disrupting your operation.

Eliminate inefficient vehicles

Pulpo allows you to identify the fuel and cost efficiency per each vehicle individually, or as a group - e.g by car model, year, asset type, make, among others. Find the most inefficient units and replace them.

Analyze Your Fleet TCO And Budget Appropriately

Analyze Your Fleet TCO And Budget Appropriately

Track all your fleet costs in one place and track your spending with precision.

With Pulpo, achieve cost savings in your fleet by understanding the profitability of each vehicle and driver. Pulpo provides you with driver and vehicle revenue and expense information so you can identify hidden costs in your fleet.

Are you aware of the ideal time to replace a vehicle?
Vehicles / lifecycle

Are you aware of the ideal time to replace a vehicle?

Track each vehicle lifecycle by analyzing the CPM (or cost per kilometer). When the operating cost hits a bottom, the vehicle replacement windown opens - otherwise, you will incur higher maintenance and fuel costs across time. 

Driver And Vehicle Assignments Within One Click
Driver-Vehicle Assignments

Driver And Vehicle Assignments Within One Click

Simplify your driver and vehicle allocation by tracking any task, availability, assignment, report, and alert on the same platform.

How does Pulpo help you rightsize your fleet?

Remove underused vehicles and streamline your fleet.
  • Automatically optimize your delivery routes.
  • Decide with data how many vehicles you truly need.
  • Get rid of surplus and less efficient vehicles.
  • Save on car and driver insurance, tolls and fuel to reduce expenses.
  • Gain operational insights on your fleet availability, revenues, expenses, and utilization. 
  • Make the same deliveries while reducing kilometers driven.
  • Extend your vehicle lifecycle without increasing TCO.

Do you want to optimise your routes?

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