Data and Processes

Migrating Fleet Data To Pulpo

Import all your fleet data with Pulpo. Create workflows and processes between tools.

Import any fleet operation data into Pulpo to keep all your information in one place. Our API can integrate with any other tool in your fleet ecosystem so you keep all your information in one place. If unintegrated, you can still import .csv files with any data.

Provide your team with precise and trouble-free data to work with.

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Select files and upload

Upload a spreadsheet type file. Upload your vehicle inventory, driver logs, fuel loads and more.

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Connect and confirm

Match the columns of your file with the information you want to consult at Pulpo.

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Wait for the information to be processed

Data is stored and distributed to deliver value to you. Instantly.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Updated information.
  • Migrate your data quickly and easily.
  • Download the data when you need it.

  • Integrate other tools with Pulpo.
  • Always have access to reliable and centralised information.
  • Synchronise tools and other data sources.

Need to have all your information in one place?

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