Environmental Impact

Efficient and more sustainable fleet

Make your operation more efficient with Pulpo and reduce your fleet's CO2 emissions.

With Pulpo, you can reduce your emissions by optimising your operation and getting rid of unnecessary or polluting vehicles. Reduce fuel consumption and find out which of your vehicles is more efficient. View emissions data and download reports. Create a plan to be a socially responsible company committed to the environment.

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Make better use of your fleet vehicles

Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20% by making better use of your units. Increase the number of journeys you can make with your fleet and reduce the number of units required.

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Lower fuel consumption and fewer vehicles

Get the most out of your resources and reduce fuel consumption. Optimise your fleet by scheduling as many services as possible per vehicle according to its route.

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Establish protocols aligned with the sustainability target

Opt for more sustainable vehicles and make your drivers' driving patterns visible. Know when is the optimal time to renew your fleet and use vehicles that generate fewer emissions.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Assign optimal routes to specific units based on factors such as track type and vehicle model.
  • Use of each unit only for as long as necessary.
  • Drastically reduce the number of kilometres your units travel empty.
  • Reduction of your fleet's fuel consumption.
  • Knowledge of which vehicles give the best fuel efficiency.
  • Use of the most sustainable fuel type depending on your type of fleet.
  • Resolve incidents with the nearest available vehicle.
  • Monitor key maintenance factors to reduce fuel consumption, such as tire condition.
  • Monitor which drivers are more efficient and minimise pollutant emissions.

Reduce your fleet's emissions with Pulpo

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