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Vysisa Group - Mining

Grupo Vysisa, a leading company in the vulcanisation and industrial services sector, saves operating costs and controls all the information on its routes and vehicles.
Vysisa Group - Mining


Use case
Type of vehicles

Vysisa Group saves time and costs by 30%.

The centralisation of information and workflows saves the company time and money.

Time saving

It is no longer necessary to search for invoices on paper or to go to a file and search invoice by invoice within a folder. With Pulpo, the information is centralised and organised.

Rapid decision making

Working times are much faster. It speeds up decision making and helps shorten the time spent on fleet management.

Sound analysis

The company can find out what each vehicle consumes per month and add it up in a statistic that is always accessible and useful, choosing the most convenient suppliers.

The company

The Vysisa Group is dedicated to vulcanisation and industrial services related to the automotive industry. It is currently one of the leading companies in the sector in Mexico.

The challenge

The Vysisa Group faced the challenge of centralising and controlling all its operational costs.

Before using the platform, this customer relied on paper documentation to compare costs and make decisions. One of the problems was the verification of vehicle maintenance costs. It was necessary to go to a file, which had to be searched invoice by invoice within a certain folder. This meant that the fleet manager had to spend time that could be spent on another function.

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The solution

Since using Pulpo, Grupo Vysisa has been able to make savings, going from not having a history of services performed and having to search for it physically to doing it quickly and digitally.

With the task manager and a preventive maintenance plan, vehicle overhauls are now carried out at the exact time they are due. In addition, they are able to analyse and cut repair costs, shortening analysis and reporting times.

The moment a breakdown occurs and the supplier reports the cost of the repair, the company cross-checks the data and knows whether the price is appropriate.

Favourite modules

Cost Management

Identify costs per vehicle and per maintenance quickly and easily. Centralise the information of all expenses.

Supplier Management

Pulpo allows you to configure a catalogue of maintenance service tasks, detailing the costs per provider. Thus, it is possible to know which provider is the most convenient at any given time.


The most frequently compared information relates to vehicle maintenance and the prices paid to different suppliers for maintenance.

Tasks & Alerts

Tasks and alerts streamline teamwork and speed up the execution of tasks and decision-making, shortening the time spent on fleet management.

We can now compare providers' prices for each service and the evolution of costs.

Maintenance Manager - Grupo Vysisa

Optimise your vehicle fleet and save operating costs.

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