Claims and accidents

Identify and reduce your fleet's accident rate

Identify the root cause.

Register all incidents and claims suffered by your vehicles and determine the causes to reduce costs.

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Give full follow-up to claims

Register the insurance company that is assigned, workshops, drivers and payers.

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Analyse the causes to reduce accident rates

Filter the history of your corrective maintenance derived from a claim to identify incidents, vehicles or drivers with a high accident rate.

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Compare costs between suppliers and save costs for vehicles that remain in the workshop for long periods of time

Eliminate underperforming vehicles and identify drivers who do not follow safe driving protocols.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Complete management and monitoring of the claim from the platform.
  • Control and upload evidence.
  • Access insurance policies in the cloud.
  • Manage maintenance requests due to claims.
  • Root cause analysis of claims or failures.
  • Easily identify drivers with high accident rates.

Manage the maintenance of your fleet with Pulpo

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