Invoicing and Billing

Optimal management of your team's means of payment

Centralise all information and assign means of payment to your team or drivers.

Control the allocation and status of your fleet's payment methods for fuel, tolls, maintenance or any other expense associated with a vehicle or driver. Register new media and authorise users to use them. Set limits and alerts, and review all information. 

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Centralise all your information and access it when you need it

Register each means of payment, the inventory number, card or unique key, as well as the supplier. Orderly and centralised information, accessible to your team at any time.

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Authorise types of expenditure for each means of payment

Assign each driver the means of payment he is allowed to use. Select which type of expenditure each driver is authorised to make and with which payment method he can make a disbursement. 

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Manage usage permissions for payments

Several employees can use the same cards with selection and allocation by vehicle and driver. Receive all expense details for each user.

How can this feature help?

  • Centralisation of means of payment.
  • Control of allocations.
  • Set limits, alerts and warnings.
  • Assign one or more payment methods for different purposes.
  • Authorise one or more drivers to use the payment methods.
  • Review the reports or download the spending information of the means of payment.
  • Add extra information to the means of payment (contracts, policies, maturities, etc.).
  • Control payments with spending limits and policies.

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