Driver-Vehicle Assignments

Driver And Vehicle Assignments Within One Click

Quickly assign drivers to available vehicles.

Simplify your driver and vehicle allocation by tracking any task, availability, assignment, report, and alert on the same platform.

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Real-time vehicle and driver management

Access information on available units and assignments. Control the expenses of each unit and driver and mark tasks for your team in a simple and agile way.

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Drivers monitored and their performance compared

Identifies driving patterns in terms of punctuality, fuel consumption or violations. Compares the performance of different drivers and assigns the most critical routes to the most reliable ones.

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All data updated to avoid penalties

Each driver has a file with their details, driving licence or insurance... Make sure that everyone is driving with valid documentation to avoid penalties and vehicle immobilisation.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Automated tracking of drivers, availability and assigned vehicles.
  • Assignment of tasks and scheduling of documentation alerts.
  • Minimising costs and maximising fleet profitability.
  • All the detailed information in one place.
  • Cross-referencing data and obtaining customised reports.
  • Identification of driving patterns.
  • Updating, by drivers, of key data such as fuel load.

Find out how to always have drivers and vehicles at your disposal

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