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Optimise the safety and productivity of your fleet

Understand different metrics about your vehicles to increase their efficiency. Make decisions based on real data and improve the productivity of your units. Know the status of your vehicles and drivers to anticipate any problems.

Driver And Vehicle Assignments Within One Click

Simplify your driver and vehicle allocation by tracking any task, availability, assignment, report, and alert on the same platform.

Control your fuel consumption and save

Multiply the profitability of your operation. Avoid freight-related fraud, monitor fuel efficiency by vehicle, type, driver... and save hundreds of dollars by increasing efficiency.

Manage your routes and maximise the profitability of each vehicle.

Choose the best routes, vehicles and drivers to get more journeys done. Integrate GPS and odometer with Pulpo and monitor where the units are. Receive alerts when a service ends. Get the most out of each vehicle.

Vysisa Group - Mining

Grupo Vysisa, a leading company in the vulcanisation and industrial services sector, saves operating costs and controls all the information on its routes and vehicles.

Schedule maintenance for your vehicles

Anticipate any incident by making use of preventive maintenance. Avoid having units out of service and save time and costs. Get the most out of your vehicles.

  • Centralises vehicle and driver documents.
  • Develops a preventive maintenance plan
  • Save on repair costs and always have vehicles available
  • Create alerts to warn you when a review date is approaching.
  • Assigns tasks to the responsible persons to perform maintenance on time.

Reduce the accident rate in your fleet

Know the driving patterns of your operators and the condition of your vehicles. Analyse factors affecting the safety of drivers, units and goods.

  • Access to insurance documents at any time
  • Keep your vehicles in perfect condition
  • Develops a preventive maintenance plan
  • Check the condition of the tires
  • Analyse the driving behaviour of your employees with the Driving Score
  • Avoid accidents with well-maintained vehicles and good drivers.

Control and centralise all your information

Manage your fleet efficiently and securely. Keep all the data related to your fleet centralised on the same platform. Digitise documents and streamline your operations by sharing information across the entire company.

  • Record all your driver and vehicle data
  • Access any digitised document, in seconds
  • Assign drivers to available vehicles
  • Avoid errors and payment errors, without paper receipts.
  • Analyse month-by-month information and reduce costs

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