Efficiently automate fine management

Find the responsible driver for each fine and hold your drivers accountable for each infraction.

Pulpo streamlines and simplifies everything related to sanctions thanks to its integrations, saving you time and money every day.

* This functionality is available only for certain cities. Contact your advisor for more information

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Do you have vehicles with outstanding fines?

We integrate with official bodies so that every time one of your vehicles commits an infraction, the information is recorded on the platform and you are aware of it. Know the amount of the fine and generate warnings to drivers or equipment.

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Reduce costs and time in paying fines

Manage the entire process of notifications and payments. Know which driver committed each infractionto assign payments. Pulpo notifies the person responsible for the fine and ensures timely payment.

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Find out which drivers have the worst practices

Reduce penalties for your fleet and save. Find out who the offenders are, when they occur and what the most common fines are. Increase the efficiency and availability of your fleet and avoid vehicle immobilisations due to non-compliance with regulations.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Save costs by paying penalties on time.
  • Optimally manage fines with task automation.
  • React immediately to a sanction.
  • Increase the availability of your fleet and avoid vehicle immobilisation.
  • Identify problematic operators or poor driving practices.
  • Charge the fines due to each offender.

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