Document Management

Digitize Your Documents In One Place

Centralize all documents related to your fleet and access information at the click of a button from any device.

Pulpo enables you to access any fleet related documentation within a few clicks to avoid loosing valuable information stored in emails or locally in a computer.

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Centralise your information in the cloud

24/7 access to all your fleet documents and real-time visibility. The team accesses documents. Drivers update invoices, delivery notes and anything else they need.

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Save management time with a single platform

Streamline your fleet management with alerts on actions that require quick intervention. Access information from all suppliers and act fast.

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Secure documents, no loss or damage 

Information protected in the cloud and restricted access to the platform to reinforce the security of documents. Keeps an up-to-date digital copy of all data.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Centralise all your fleet documentation in the cloud.
  • Integrates other document management solutions into a single 360° solution.
  • Know historical data for smart decision making.
  • Create alerts and tasks related to due dates.
  • Avoid loss or deterioration of information when working in the cloud. 
  • Use a single communication tool with your suppliers.
  • Minimise paper usage and align your company with sustainability goals to reduce your environmental impact.

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