Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency and control

Controls fuel consumption and performance.

Find out the fuel efficiency and the cost per kilometre travelled by each vehicle quickly and easily. Compare consumption and prices of suppliers or groupings to reduce costs. Avoid fraud and obtain a more profitable operation.

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Savings with payment control and fuel cards

When was the tank filled, how much did it cost, how many litres were refuelled? Get full visibility of every expense and every refill. Approve card top-ups and control how much each driver spends without using paper or tickets. Centralise payments and save.

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Performance analysis of each load and vehicle  

Identify prices and yields for each vehicle, car model and year, driver or region, and link them to each fuel load. Define plans to improve your metrics and receive alerts if a value deviates from the established parameters.

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Expenditure control and budget planning

Why do some regions consume more fuel than others, are there inefficient units in the fleet, and is it due to poor driving habits? Answer these and other questions. Create a cost reduction plan at Pulpo and save fuel month by month.

Key functions of this module

  • Get immediate reports on fuel and fuel consumption.
  • Find out the most cost-effective fuel type, brand and station.
  • Analyse consumption by vehicle, journey, driver and area.
  • Integrate the fuel card and record all expenses. 
  • Find out which vehicles are more efficient.

  • Renew your fleet with the most cost-effective models in mind.
  • Immediately detect any fraud or theft. 
  • Receive alerts and notifications if any parameter is triggered. 
  • Reduce your environmental impact by reducing fuel consumption. 

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