Preventive Maintenance

Spend 30% less on maintenance

Create a preventive maintenance schedule for your fleet.

Stay ahead of schedule with a service plan that allows you to keep your fleet operational at all times. Save on repairs and extend the useful life of your vehicles.

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Artificial Intelligence for your maintenance plan

Create a preventive maintenance program, know the best time to do it. Maximise the lifetime of each unit and minimise costs.

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Compare maintenance workshops and inventory

Manage the stock of parts. Compare prices and times by supplier. Keep records of all services.

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Reduce your fleet idle time by 60%

Greater safety and less downtime for your vehicles. Reduce accident rates and always have units in perfect condition. Your fleet will be ready for peaks in demand.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Save corrective maintenance costs. 
  • Manage your maintenance with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Compare suppliers in one place. 
  • Manage tasks and alerts for maintenance.
  • Increase the availability of your fleet.
  • It makes the unexpected predictable in terms of wear and tear, and repairs.
  • Make reports and compare the costs of preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Know exactly when each vehicle needs to be serviced based on wear and tear.

Save up to 30% on maintenance costs

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