Keep track of all fleet activity with operational checklists

Reduce the amount of corrective maintenance you do per year.

Manage all activity related to the corrective maintenance of your fleet. Analyse how much you spend, and identify the most frequent causes and claims to reduce costs and optimise the useful life of your vehicles.

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Centralise all the information about what happens to your fleet while it operates

Set up customised checklists to keep track of everything that happens on site.

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Record the status of your vehicles at the start and end of each shift

Report any changes or events related to your fleet.

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Keep the status of your fleet always up to date

Every day, you will have up-to-date and accessible information on visits, acceptance forms, delivery confirmations, etc.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Arrival or departure checklist
  • Odometer history and loading 
  • Maintenance requests
  • Claims register
  • Record of inspections

  • Registration of en-route visits
  • Increased safety in your fleet by knowing vehicle status.
  • Uploading of evidence (photographs) for event validation
  • Fully customisable fields according to your company's operation

Start controlling your operation with Pulpo!

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