Fuel Control

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Manage your fleet fuel efficiency and minimize spending.

Manage fuel spending by driver and vehicle. Access any individual or group charge and avoid fraud or misuse.

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Save fuel

Our fuel card integrations allow you to register any fuel charge and analyze the fuel efficiency per trip, fuel provider or vehicle.

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Economize fuel providers

Find out what fuel provider enables the highest efficiency for your fleet. As a result, optimize your routes and deliver the same amount of packages with less fuel.

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Analyze fuel efficiency

Compare fuel efficiency between units, asset type, model, year, and make. Use this data to buy the right vehicle for your operation and identify anomalies like breakdowns, theft, and inappropriate driving behavior.

How can you minimize fuel consumption?

  • Receive real-time reports on fuel and fuel consumption.
  • Identify your most efficient fuel provider and refueling stations for your fleet operation.
  • Analyzes consumption by unit, trip, driver, area, or region.
  • Integrate your fuel card with Pulpo and track any charge in real time. 
  • Find out your most and least fuel efficient vehicles.
  • Renew your fleet around the most cost-efficient vehicle available.
  • Immediately detect any fraud or theft. 
  • Receive alerts whenever consumption or dollars spent exceed the fleet average. 
  • Centralize fuel payments with fuel card integrations.
  • Reduce your environmental impact by reducing fuel consumption.

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