Safety Score

Do you know who your best drivers are?

Save costs and avoid accidents with the Driving Score.

It detects inappropriate behaviour and finds out who has the best and worst driving habits. The score per driver reflects the evolution of driving behaviour, where the most accidents occur and how many kilometres are driven. Change behaviour by rewarding good drivers.

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Identifies driving patterns

With the driving score you will know how your drivers are performing. Check the score of each one, compare them.

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Save on maintenance and repairs

Reduces the cost of corrective maintenance and avoids premature repairs. Avoids having to send vehicles to the workshop and increases vehicle availability.

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Choose the safest routes

Identify the areas with the highest rate of breakdowns and accidents to choose safe routes. Know the map of the areas with incidents and warn your drivers about them.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Record the behaviour of your drivers and their bad practices.
  • Assigns an individual, team, overall score value...
  • Detects unusual driving behaviour and incidents. 
  • It records the km travelled by each driver.
  • Define an appropriate score per driver and find out who is above or below average.
  • Generates a heat map of incidents per driver or for the entire fleet.
  • Create an improvement plan for drivers and monitor their progress. Reward the best to change behaviour
  • Reviews information on acceleration and braking, abrupt lane changes, speed, sharp curves, etc.

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