Manage your routes and maximise the profitability of each vehicle.

Optimise your routes with Pulpo and make more journeys with fewer vehicles.

Choose the best routes, vehicles and drivers to get more journeys done. Integrate GPS and odometer with Pulpo and monitor where the units are. Receive alerts when a service ends. Get the most out of each vehicle.

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Create optimal routes based on data 

Automatically establish the best routes for your vehicles based on criteria such as best times and priority of visits. Create optimised routes in seconds.

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Get full tracking of your vehicles and drivers

Detect any irregularities in your deliveries with global visualisation of all your actions. Know the real-time location of all your vehicles with GPS or driver app integration.

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Inform your customers with the utmost precision 

Transparent communication with your customers so that they know the details of the routes, confirmation and exact time of delivery, possible incidents, etc. Receive feedback and provide the best service. 

Key functions of this module

  • Optimal route planning and management. 
  • Optimize resources by reducing the number of vehicles per route.
  • Balance workloads between drivers.
  • A comprehensive solution which complements the other modules of Pulpo.
  • Generate routes with respect to different customer criteria, such as time windows.
  • Integration with the mobile app for the registration of visits or data at the end of the delivery.
  • Integration of visits with the task module on Pulpo Fleet. 
  • Manage routes based on vehicle carrying capacity. 
  • Estimate and predict the arrival time of your routes. 
  • Select the best routes with support from GPS tracking software.  

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